Overview and Philosophy

We are a team of passionate and dedicated professionals who are experienced in and dedicated to research and evidence-based intervention and support for students with dyslexia or other special education needs. Our aim is to help children and adults not only gain confidence in their reading and writing skills but to become self-advocates as they recognize their own talents and gifts. We strive to build a community, both within our families and the larger community, by assisting the families of our students in navigating the education system, providing professional learning to local schools and educators, and creating a partnership with our student's schools.

Our Services

Triple Thread Learning has a three-pronged approach: 

Intervention: with the right therapy, those with a dyslexic profile can learn to read. 

Professional Learning: we are passionate about providing teacher professional learning. With the correct knowledge, a teacher can make an incredible difference in the lives of those students who struggle to learn to read. Unfortunately, university degrees do not always prepare teachers to meet the needs of such learners. 

Enrichment: people with dyslexia have many strengths, they just learn differently. It is important they understand how they learn and also use the things they are good at to support learning and self-esteem.


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